Is there a way to move a target linked to a bone in a custom rig?

I have a character model and rigged it as follows…

I’ve rigged and skinned the body to a biped skeleton (in 3DS Max), skinned the head to the head bone, but added 2 additional custom bones for the eyes and linked them to the head so that they move together. Then I added a target object, consisting of 2 separate targets (splines) that are linked to the eyes with a LookAt Constraint. This way when I move the target I can move the eyes looking to that direction… This way I can create my animations inside 3DS Max and export them to Unity through a .fbx file.

I’m wondering if I can do that directly from inside Unity. I’m working on a mobile game and it would really cool if I could transfer the same setup, along with the target objects and be able to move my eyes at will (for example I could touch the screen and make my character’s eyes turn to that direction)…

Note: My eyes are not separate meshes. To save 2 draw calls I’ve attached them to the rest of the body and just skinned them to the 2 custom “eye-bones”

I see no problem getting this to work. You might have to use AddMixingTransform to ensure the eye bones are not affected by the animation being played for the rest of the rig. Then, you just need to declare a target Vector3 for your eyes and use this to make the eyes rotate towards it. If you want to avoid a cross-eyed look for near target positions, you have modify the targeting system a bit so the eyes actually look slightly to the left and right of the target position.

Transform.lookat(target) have public GO and drag n drop target GO into the slot