Is there a way to open an unity application (or any .exe file) from a unity browser game?

I want to know if i could connect a unity browser game to an application on the computer, for example to run the file or exchange data between the two.
Just so it is clear, imagine you’re on a website playing a unity game, then you click (within the game) -“lunch .exe” and it lunches a file (which i want it to be a unity game), then exchange data between the application on the computer and the browser application and vice versa, like win/loss and such.
My question: Is there a way to do that within unity or should I create my own server - client protocol outside of unity?

Unity WebGL is a javascript application running inside of a webpage, therefore it is sandboxed. This means that it only has access to resources on its own domain through webrequests or through the PersistentDataPath which is implemented as websql. It cannot run other executable as that would be a security risk.

From what I can understand of what you want to do, I would recommend using a server with a REST API. I find that the easiest technology to use for that is Nodejs with Express web server.

I don’t think that’s possible.

How would you know the user’s path where the exe is?