Is there a way to preview unity pro shadows with unity free

Like most, i can not afford unity pro right now. I do however plan to buy it in the future before i finish my project. Right now the shadows look really bad, and the lighting is not what it could be in unity pro. I am wondering if there is a way to build a scene with lightning so that i do not have to redo everything when i switch to pro. I also know there is a new unity coming out, and not sure how that will effect this problem. Any help will greatly be appreciated.

ONe way you can get live shadows is to add a directional light. IN my experience this is about as close as you get and it looks pretty nice but it has some cons

  1. If you have something like a torch it looks a bit funny because you can also see shadows behind you
  2. If your game is at night it increases the brightness of your whole game (however you can turn the brightness/ intensity down to make it still look like night, especially with a night-time skybox.

So yeah.
EDIT: If you want it to be live shadows you have to attach it to your player or other moving object