Is there a way to put trees on a separate layer than the terrain?,Is it possible to put trees on a different layer than the terrain?

The problem is my player jumps whenever it gets close to the trees/grass on the terrain.

I placed trees on my terrain, and now my jumping script is having an issue. It uses a system from a Brackey’s video with layers where if the player is on the ground layer, the jump can be performed. I know the issue is that since the trees are part of the terrain, and the terrain is the ground layer, it’s gonna jump on the trees. Is there any way to avoid that? Or should I just place them all manually?

Set the tree’s layer in the prefab, and check this box:

You could assign a tag to the trees instead called ‘DefinitelyNotGround’, and if the player 's feet collider enter an object with the layermask ‘Ground’, but tagged as ‘DefinitelyNotGround’, don’t allow the player to jump.

Or you could change the player movement script to use a raycast instead. @Suclerious