Is there a way to read cue points from a FBX animation

I need to key some parts of the animation so I can sync with an audio, or an action, for instance: Imagine a character that knocks on a door, or punch a wall. Can I insert some key on these keyframes and detect when the inner timeline of the FBX reaches these key points?

Thanks any help!

You can use AnimationEvents. However, AnimationClips that are part of an imported model are read-only. One way is to duplicate the AnimationClip and replace it in the animations array.

Another way is to create the AnimationEvent at runtime (in Start for example). Just use AnimationClip.AddEvent. Keep in mind that an AnimationClip is shared between all instances that use this clip, so add the event only once. If you attach a script to the model itself and you have multiple instances of this model, each will add the AnimationEvent so when you have 3 instances for example you end up with 3 events which are all fired at the same time.