Is there a way to record a camera/object path in real-time?

I could swear I read about this option in the midst of my frantic and random online education, but now cannot find any mention of it.

I’m planning an “on rails” project with an elaborate flight path, and could probably save hours of work if I could control the character in real-time, while recording its path to save and replay in scene.

Any ideas? Thanks!

The most basic approach would be to just periodically (like, every few frames) store the current transform.position inside a Vector3 array, and use those for the replay where the vehicle or whatever Vector.lerps from one V3 to the next.

I’m so new, the lack of proper vocabulary is the most frustrating part of learning, but you’ve given me precisely what I need to begin researching: V3 or Vector3 array.

Thanks so much, this has set me on the right path!