Is there a way to reduce the magnitude of an animation?

I’m developing a set of Unity scenes for an immersive environment, for which I’ve recently been in a meeting with our clients. Although everything is looking good so far, they’re complaining that the idle animations make the characters move a bit too much, almost like they’re nervous!

I’m hopefully going to set up an XBox Kinect soon in order to create my own motion capture data, but I just wondered if there’s a way of reducing the magnitude of an animation so that the character doesn’t move as much (so with a value of 0.0f the character won’t move at all, at 0.5f the joints will move halfway between what they usually do, and a value of 1.0f will play the animation to its full extent).

I’m wondering whether a blend tree might be a possibility, by blending between the character standing with a static pose with the animation in question?

usually an idle animation is some type of sway or ping-pong pose to pose. If you are familiar with 3D import the animation into 3D identify the two extreme poses - and place keyframes in the middle of the two extremes. Once the new keyframes are created - delete one of the extreme poses and drag the newly created keyframes to the position of the deleted pose. Now the animation will be only ‘half’ as nervous as it was before. Export and place in scene.

Reduce the speed setting in Unity so the animation plays slower.

In 3D if the animation is 60 frames long, select all the keyframes and drag them out to 90-120 (3-4 seconds). This will essentially slow down the animation in Unity - but still keep the speed setting in Unity at 1.

Try the blend tree idea - that ‘could’ mute the motion enough to make it look less nervous, though I haven’t seen this done before so can’t say for certain it will work.