Is there a way to remove array entries in the editor?

Not in code, but in the editor window. For example, suppose I have a frame-by-frame sprite animation, but then I want to remove a frame from the middle. Just in the editor (i.e. no scripting), how can I do that? If this is not possible, is it something that might be considered?
I think there are clear applications for being able to edit an array by moving entries around, copying entries, deleting entries, etc.

If you have an array of items in the Inspector and want to delete an entry from the middle of the array, you can select the item (click on its name, it should turn blue) and then do a Shift-Delete. The item should be gone then, and your array size will decrement.

See this link Unity Editor Lesser Known Features |

Heads up, though! It says you have to do Shift-Delete twice, but that isn’t actually correct.

Nowadays you can right-click on them and delete them to resize the array, but shift-delete does not seem to work. Would be really nice to have a keyboard shortcut.

You can select one then hit delete to clear it and use the up and down arrow to move around and continue deleting. Then you can right-click, up arrow, and delete to clear an entry. That let me clear/cleanup a big messy array pretty fast without having to reset it.

You can shorten it, but you cannot remove an entry in the middle. You can write an editor script that manipulates an specific array including deleting or inserting in the middle.

Just Right-Click on Array Item from Inspector and Select Delete Array Element.