Is there a way to reset the transform on an object to make it default to those settings?,Is there a way to reset the default transform for an object?

ok so, I have a game in unity where i’m spawning in instances of a prefab of my enemy. my enemy’s texture is on a plane, and so to make it upright I have to apply rotations to the plane. But this causes problems for the Transform.translate.lookAt(), bacause then it just makes the plane face down on the ground again.

I thought there was a way to change the values in the transform back to 0, like a default, without actually resetting the object itself, which would work in theory, but I can’t find anything about it.

Im new to this as you can probably tell, If you need screenshots or code just let me know and ill try to provide them. any help would be appreciated, thx!

You could have an empty gameobject as a parent to the gameobject that you have applied rotations to. You could then rotate that empty gameobject with Transform.translate.lookAt() and it will hopefully work as you want.