Is there a way to save the xcode settings after build?

Hey. I use the some Admob plugin. And in order to build iOS project, you need to add a specific list of libraries in the xcode as written in instruction AdMob  |  Google for Developers But after the next build - all settings erased and it is very unpleasant set it all over again.
Is there a way to save the xcode settings after build? Or some other way to solve my problem?

Click “Append” in the build window after you start the build. It should just update the xcode project rather than recreate it. Also, you can run post build scripts as well.

It it possible to set “Append or Replace” mode by code?

Yes you can. It turns out that you only need a couple folders from a Unity3d iOS build to get things to work. For clarification this is how I do my iOS builds:

  1. When I started the project I let Unity generate an iOS project as you are doing now.

  2. I modified the XCode project (icons/names/etc), moved it to a new folder and committed it into source control

  3. Everytime I want to cut a new build I let Unity build as per normal.

  4. Heres the trick: after Unity builds, I delete 3 folders and replace them with the same 3 folders from my latest build. Those folders are

    • YourXCodeProjFolder/Libraries
    • YourXCodeProjFolder/Data
    • YourXCodeProjFolder/Class

Your project should build as normal.

Big Caveat! If you ever introduce a new DLL (this happens to me with assets from the asset store) you will have to open up the XCode project and manually add the DLL as a new file in the Libraries folder. Just copying it to that folder is not enough. Dragging it into the XCode window should be sufficient. This will also be necessary when you remove a DLL.