Is there a way to Slow Down Animations during Gameplay? (C#)


I was wondering what was going wrong with my script here.
As you can see, for the “PlayerModes” object, it has these lines of code to slow the animation down.


It works perfectly in game! I was really happy that it worked out.
So I tried it on my other objects. Like this cop, for instance. I typed the exact same code, and made sure that the Animator was attached to the cop.

But all of a sudden… nothing. It doesn’t slow down at all. So what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

Whoops! Accidentally put two ;'s there… that’s not the problem! I removed them, and it still doesn’t work. :slight_smile:

check SpeedUp() function in “if” condition

public void SpeedUp()
  if (time To Add < 1.75f) 
    // ...

anyway, this method you used is correct

I have no idea how that is supposed to fix a problem.