Is there a way to slow time without increasing the frames per "game second"?

I have a custom animation system which is driving a bunch of animated things in my scene (robots, etc.). It appears the movement has some hitches and jerks when I play it at full speed. If I lower Time.timeScale to make everything move in slow motion, the issue disappears, I believe because I have so many more frames per game-second that the animation errors become very small, which makes it very difficult to diagnose and debug.

Is there a way to slow down time while leaving the framerate locked to game time? e.g. if normally my game runs at 90 FPS, I’d like to be able to run the game at 1/10th speed and only 9 frames per second, or even slower (1/20th speed at 4.5 frames per second) so I can really watch what’s going on?

I found Time.captureFramerate in the docs but it doesn’t seem to do what I want.

How about

public float targetTimePerFrame = 1;
void Update()
  Thread.Sleep((targetTimePerFrame - Time.deltaTime) * 1000);

Does the answer here help?