Is there a way to trigger events using the audio listener?

Basically, I want to change various aspects of the player depending on the volume of the sound around them. Is there a way to have the audio listener to do it automatically? Or is there a way to manually have each audio source do this when the player comes into range?

Hi jfull27,

I have read through your question and am assuming that you want to check how close the player is to the audio source hence how loud it will be?

Therefore I have done a bit of research and only thing I can think of is having the audio source attached with a sphere collider set to trigger and it’s radius being as big as the audio source’s 3d max distance.

After this include some “nifty” little code that get’s the distance of the player inside the sphere collider and the distance it is to the centre which will be the same as the volume, if you set the rolloff to linear that is.

This is only assuming from the information you have provided, if you require any further assistance or would like any other opinions or ways to go about things I am happy to help.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,