Is there a way to Update SpriteSheets without having to remake all the animations??

I want to avoid wasting a lot of time on renaming every frame in the sprite sheet (after splitting) and then re-making all the animations it was connected to. And re-adding the animations to the correct blendTrees/CharecterControllers.

As such anyone know anyway to Update an Existing SpriteSheet in your project, without needing to do all that?


I’m dealing with the same sort of issues… using a spritesheet… when I was working for a studio they had software for that the artists would use, sprite packing, or something and that worked, but we were getting issues with image quality… but if you update your spritesheet you can change sprites and reslice it without too much issue the references go but the order of the sprites so if that doesn’t change it should work, however what I think I’m going to do to solve that and other issues is to make my sprite frames a fixed size, grid layout. I was also thinking of making a ScriptableObject for sprites that would make it easier for changing things if you reuse a lot of the same assets. The other alternative is to use sprite bone animation, then you can create all your animations in unity.