Is there a way to upload a Unity project to the App Store with Mono as scripting backend after 1st of June?

Unfortunately we forget about apple’s new 64bit rule. The moment when we started to upload our game was the happiest, then a few seconds later we got a disgusting error message what sayd we have to make the game compatible with 64 bit architecture…

What we already tried:

If we compile with Mono as backend and set up 64 bit compatibility in the xcode, it gives us 95 unfixable errors, since half of them are internal unity error.

If we compile with IL2CPP as backend and set up 64 bit compatibility in unity and in xcode, everything is alright, not a single error… but the game itself doesn’t work on the iphone.

(Clearly our game don’t stand a chance to run with IL2CPP.) Is there a way to upload it to the apple app store with mono as scripting backend?

Edit: After updating Unity to 4.6.6f2, the game is now runs under IL2CPP without problem.

No, Mono backend doesn’t support 64-bit.