Is there a way to use decimals int Int32.TryParse() ?

I’m trying to make a simple program that takes a player’s input and converts it into degree, or turn, things like that. Heres an example of how i’ve done some of it.

if (angleBoolsOne [1] == true && angleBoolsTwo [5] == true) {
				int x;
				Int32.TryParse (inputOne.text, out x);
				valueTwoText.text = (x / 54).ToString ();

If someone put in 1, then the program should return .0185 … but its returning 0. Is there a way I can keep this close to the same as what I have at but also have decimals?


valueTwoText.text = ( (float)x / 54f).ToString ();

What I did was just made it float x and float.TryParse