Is there an issue with ios app size with 64 bit support

I am doing a very very simple app with Unity and Vuforia - one scene with just a couple of target images. I am using vuforia plus the Vuforia video plugin. When I compile for ios the executable itself (with both armv7 and arm 64 support as required) is 61 MB. This is too big per ios guidelines for acceptance. I have the unity compile set to .net 2.0 subset and micro mscorlib stripping level. Is there anything else I can do? Is there anything I can do with the plugins to reduce size of the final executable? I do not understand what could be making it too big - it’s such a minimal app. Is anyone else having issues?

If you have 64bit support is basicly adding a additional copy of your app just for 64.
That causes bigger file sizes.

for reducing the plugin size i do not know any way you can saveli reduce the size of a native plugin.

Your 61MB is no problem of the iOS Appstore.
The AppStore size limit has been set to 100MB over cellular network and 4 GB over WiFi.

After more discussions with Apple, it looks like the executable limit is 60 MB per slice. The executable binary includes all the slices so in my case the individual slices weren’t over the 60 MB limit. The 100 MB app size limit is for installing over the air and is separate from the executable limit.