Is there an Unity Webplayer for Linux ??

I have Linux here and my son want to go Ben-10 (Cartoon Network). Will there be a release for Linux platforms?

At this point, no, and there are no plans to implement it as of now.

The feature request site addresses this topic.

As far as I understand the issue, the Unity team wants to support as many platforms and users as possible, but is prioritizing based on the size of the user base as well as their profitability. At this point, they are focusing their efforts on adding new phone and console support.

You may also be interested in Jonas answer to the question What can I do for Linux support. Basically, it's that native clients in Google Chrome work under Linux and a native client Unity Web player is currently being worked on. So, at least in Google Chrome, eventually you'll be able to play Unity Web players which I think is very nice :-)

As of now, there is no native Unity Webplayer for Linux. You can, however, export to Linux destkops, or export as Flash, which most modern browsers support.

Use PipeLight

Check this solution

The newly announced WebGL publishing support for Unity 5 will be fully supported on Linux (in supported browsers) as well.