Is there any C# multiplayer (ONLINE/NETWORKING) tutorials out there?

Hey guys! Me and some friends is making a game for a school project. And we wanted it to be a 4 player puzzle game. But the thing is, I do not know how to make it online (with the NAT and IP ports).

What I’m asking for is, is the “Unity Scripting Reference” enough to help me do this;
Or do I need an actual Tutorial? Because, I’m scripting in C#, and the MH2 tutorial and every other tutorial is in JavaScript. So can any of you guys give some constructive help or links in order to “guide” me towards making an “Semi-online” game.

Thank you for reading this! :slight_smile:

The BurgZerg hack-slash-rpg-tutorial is written in C#. Anyway whether you need a tutorial or not is up to you :wink: The Networking engine (RakNet) is pretty simple, however there’s no golden solution that fits for all multiplayer setups. A online card game has a much different setup than a 3D FPS shooter, but the basics are the same.