Is there any converter mp3 to ogg ?

Please,if you know,tell me how to convert mp3 file to ogg in runtime.
Is there any command line program or dll?

To import MP3 files, I use a library called MPG123.

First you need to download this and place “libmpg123-0.dll” in the Plugins folder.
(if you don’t have that folder, just create it inside your assets folder) You need Pro to use plugins.

Then you need this script: And put that in the Plugins folder too. This is the script that needs to be added to a GameObject.

Now that’s done, it should work. You can add an Audiosource component to the GameObject if you want. If you don’t the script will add one.

This doesn’t convert the MP3 file to an ogg file. Instead, it takes the decoded samples and uses AudioClip.SetData to give the samples to a new AudioClip.

Im not sure about doing it in runtime, but i use Audacity to convert all my audio to .ogg files. Here is the link:

Hope this will work for you.

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