Is there any double sided shadow casting transparent cutout shader?

In our project we make use of characters that are paper-thin. For this approach we have used the Transparent/Cutout/Soft Edge Unlit shader that render both sides of the model. The problem is that this doesn't allow shadow receive/cast. What I wonder is if there is any known existing shader that can render both sides of an object, cast and receive shadows, and have a transparent cutout threshold?


I made an attempt to modify Transparent/Cutout/Diffuse by adding Cull None. This does indeed render the model with shadows on both sides but since normal is pointing in one direction, lighting doesn't work. Would I have to make this a double pass shader?

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have you tried the "tree soft occlusion leaves" shader ?

you need to do "transparent --> cutout --> Soft Edge Unlit"

This is old, I know but I’m actually after the exact same thing. Double sided, shadow casting and receiving, transparent shader.