Is there any harm in leaving a MissingReferenceException?

So I’m drawing a line using a LineRenderer from 2 objects and at some point one of these objects is destroyed, in turn removing the object that the LineRenderer is referencing:

lineRender.SetPosition (0, new Vector3 (binaryOne.position.x, binaryOne.position.y, -0.5f))

This then causes the engine to throw out a MissingReferenceException, because either ‘binaryOne’ or binaryTwo’ is no longer existing.

Rather than running a if statement every update to check if these two objects are still active, would it be safe to simply ignore the message?

It’s an error. If you ignore the error, it could lead to further problems, such as crashes, or unpredictable behavior. It could also be considered unprofessional or sloppy, although you’re free to do what you like. There’s no such thing as code police. If the error can be prevented with an if-statement check, then why not do that? Why is adding an if-statement even a concern.