Is there any information about Unity and the iPad publicly available yet?

Just curious if there's any publicly disclosed Unity /iPad info available yet.

I think, the answer at the time of writing is 'no', unless a UT engineer decides to chip in and answer this question. While I know that you (Mr infiniteUnity3d!) already have your finger on the pulse in terms of Unity news sources, I'm adding the information below for the benefit of others who will might come this way searching for information.

I'm also marking this post as "Community Wiki" so that as new information comes to light, others can add information to this answer rather than spreading it across multiple answers.

So far there has been large amounts of speculation on these two threads on the unity forum:

Unity Forum : iPad

Unity Forum : iPad Unity update?

The 2nd of those links has a couple of posts from Unity's Tom Higgins, who says,

The information released today is new to us as well, we've not seen the SDK nor touched an iPad. Obviously we're as excited about it as anyone else but we have to do some homework first, then we can offer some sort of statement about how we'll be supporting the iPad.

There's also the tiniest quote from David Helgason (UT's CEO) on a CNN Brainstorm Tech post. The post says that he is "thrilled at the possibilities", and he's quoted as saying, Apple is really taking gaming seriously after all these years.

So, while all of the above sounds like they are eager and interested, it seems for now we have to wait for further information.

The way to make sure you hear all up-to-the-minute news on this topic would be: