Is there any method for listening to audio while also capturing it in Unity Recorder?

I know there's a toggle for whether to capture audio, but it also disables playing the audio in-game, and I'd like to have both as the type of video I'm recording requires a few manual character movements timed to the music/audio.

Can't seem to find any support for this, is it just not possible?

I'm trying to record a headset gameplay section that requires audio in order to actually engage with the mechanics. I was able to use OBS but was hoping to get some high quality in game recording instead.

Same issue... "Capture Audio" seems to prevent any Audio from playing back through the editor.

Same here: I need a record where the lipsync is done live via the controller but the unity recorder does not playback audio while recording. still true in 2019.4.15.

Still true 2021, that's sad

Double this

Why is this still a thing?

I'm experiencing the same issue, wanting to act out a scene over pre-recorded voice audio and facial animation.

very frustrating!.. sure this used to work?

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Me too.

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