Is there any Oculus Go template project available?

Is there any sample project for Oculus Go that just works? I have been trying to organise one from the sample material + instructions on lightweight rendering, and now I have only a black screen when testing the apk on my device. Ideally, is there a sample project for oculus go that:

  • is not bloated with assets for PC-based Oculus
  • uses the lightweight render (I’ve tried using it on 2018.3.3f1 , but all I got was a black screen)
  • Has an example of working UI using the controller

Thank you very much.

After you set up Unity for Android - when you download the Integration package you will get 5 scenes 1. Cubes, 2. Gear VControllerTest, 3. Room, 4. Trival and 5. UI - each can be Build and tested in the Oculus Go. …I hope this helps…and by the way can serve as template.