Is there any problem with working with big units?

I’m making a 2D platformer. For the sprites, I’ve adjusted the “Pixels per Unit” to 1, so each pixel of the sprite is equivalent to 1 Unity-unit. This makes scripting much easier, because I can adjust the sprite to integer positions, and make sure that the pixels get perfectly alligned.

For seeing the whole scene, I have to zoom out quite a bit, and the same goes for the camera (size = 200 aprox). I don’t have any level yet, but I guess they will be like 1000-2000 units long.

It works fine, but I’m wondering if this will have any effect on the game’s performance or something…

You may end up with floating point precision (7 digits) issues on the transforms eventually, but I’m not sure you should worry. Your position at x = 10,000,000 could be interpreted as 10,000,000 - 10,000,009.