Is there any reason why I can't use 2 c# scripts on my Player?

I am still learning my way around Unity3D using the 2D feature.

I created 2 c# scripts that I need to link to my character but apparently only one is able to get linked. I tried to remove the script component and re add it but i have the same problem. ( the checkbox next to the 2nd script never shows) 28877-capture.png

Do I have to do something in order to link 2 scripts to my player?
Thanks a lot!

The checkbox next to the name of the script actually refers to whether your script is enabled or disabled. The only way to enable/disable your script is if you have an Update() function inside the class. The script is still there without a tick or being enabled, it just won’t actually run any Update functions.

I average about five on each GameObject. The only requirement to attach a script is that is inherits from MonoBehaviour. You can also only add one copy of each script to a GameObject.

I managed to fix the problem. I was a simple “s” missing. God damn… Thanks guys!