Is there any requirements for a server in order to host unity 3d games on it?

I'm working on a linux server, php 5, mysql and apache installed all the basic server requirements are there, Is there any other requirements in order to host my games on my server?

and the 2nd question: can you make windows games using unity? I mean .exe? because i know about web games but i'm just wondering about windows games

First question.

No requirements, the plugin is client side and just download the game.

Just see if the extension .Unity3d is not blocked to download if you have a Mime Type control.

Second question... Yes.

Unity is a easy to publish software, with little modifications you can export to another platform. See:

I asked the same months ago and got pretty much inane answers…

I think that the answer you are looking for depend on the type of game you are making. It is true that Unity player makes most of the work on the client side, but that assumes (right or wrong) that your user downloads the file containing the whole game. However, if you are thinking on several players using a common level to interact bewteen each other, things are quite different. For instance, suppose your players are able to loot items in your game: one object, several players trying to pick it up… Another case: an enemy can attack any of the players in the level and, obviously, if it is attacking one it cannot attack the others. To achieve this kind of behaviour you need to set up an authoritative server which controls the world each player is seeing and interacting with. In this case, most of the workload goes to the server and Unity player simply acts like a dumb interface, regardless of if the user’s machine is powerful or not.

So, you see, all comes down to what kind of content your server “serves”.