Is there any restriction on publishing Unity3D completed Tutorials?

I was wondering if Unity3D allows to publish completed Unity3D tutorials. I have been working with Unity3D for 5 months already and I want to start publishing my unity3d completed tutorials, demos, experiments and prototypes in my blog to represent my advance in game development with Unity3D. I don't want to break any license or user agreements with Unity3D and of course I'll make very clear that the published web players come from the Unity3D tutorials. Is this possible? Am I safe publishing my completed tutorials even if they use Unity3D provided assets?


All the license details come with the documentation. Basically so long as the assets aren't used in non-unity programs and users aren't able to extract unity assets from your game then you're fine. Note that some examples like the locomotion extension contains 3rd party assets (the coyote) which falls under its own license agreement.

So long as you don't claim to have made the assets you're fine.

Just read it over and if you have any doubts e-mail unity support.