Is there any solution (commerical or otherwise) to save properties of game objects to file?

For the purpose of a project, I need to save some custom data, the position, rotation and scale of a group of game-objects to file, as XML or some other format. Are there any existing packages which can do that?

You could try Last Bastion Games' Recorder. It's a commercial solution, but does what you ask for and then some. They have a demo online.

You could also try my Whirld project. It's in it's beta stages at the moment, but it does what you describe and much, much more.

Depending on whether a text file is good enough for your purposes, you could just write to a .txt by using streamwriter. It's easy to convert that to a spreadsheet later on and won't require any commercial solution. If all you need is recording of position/rotation/scale of several objects and anything else that can be saved as a string in a text file, that should be the simplest/cheapest solution and it's easy to implement.

Check this answer for reference

This package includes a deep file dumper for fields and properties of the components of game objects. It's open source so you can tweak and reuse as you need. It's just a text dump though -- serialization only, no reloading.

Note dump-to-file button in this screenshot. alt text