Is there any up to date documentation for E-readers?

Good evening, everybody,

I searched a lot for that until I found anwers telling that inside the Documentation folder there was a “printable.html”. But a recent answer says the developers don’t officially release it anymore, I wonder why.

I would really like to study with my E-reader and spend a little less time in front of the computer. Is there any way to get an unnoficial “printable.html”. Or is there any way to get all de files in the documentation folder and convert it?

I also couldn’t find even a not up to date version. So even if it is an old version I would really aprecciate it.

All the HTML files for the docs are installed with the editor. I’m no e-book expert, but suspect there are tools that suck up html files and generate whatever an e-book needs. I know 4.3.4 has the printable.html, so maybe head over to:

and download the 4.3.4 installer.