Is there any way to change skybox size?

Let me explain.

In Unreal skyboxes are very small cubes. So perspective distortions are not visible when it is textured. So it really looks like an infinit cube.

But in Unity I can see planes forming skybox because it is large and has very "perspective corrected" textures on its sides.

Can I make small cube in Unity?

Are you sure you're using real skyboxes (on the RenderSettings) or are you creating yourself a large cube? I've never seen any problem with skyboxes (except when the art itself has artifacts). How are you setting up your material (six textures, spheremap, etc.?) Can you post some screenshots?

A simple correction would be to make your camera vision and your scenery smaller.

Good Luck Anton.

Looks like this is an editor issue.

In the stand-alone build I can not see that something is wrong with my skybox.

Sorry everyone. Thank you for answers!