Is there any way to import materials into unity?

I have a load of 3D model files I want to import into Unity and I have an FBX exporter I can modify at will to output anything I like.

Is there any way Unity can import Unity-style materials from the FBX files if I write some extra info into the FBX files? (eg. set the ‘smoothness’ and ‘metallic’ values to something)

I don’t want to have to go through every material manually in the Unity editor.


You can simply drag and drop your model files into your Unity Projects Assetfolder. Unity will then create the according metafiles for those assets. If your fbx model does not have textures/materials applied, just make your own materials for the model. You can make a new material and add you models texture image als Albedo (“Main Maps” section in the Inspector of the Material). Then choose the shader you like. The last step is to apply the material to the mesh of the imported character and you should be finished.