Is there any way to make Native Audio Filter like Unity ReverbZone?


I’ve been developing Native Audio Plugin and Spatializer as well.

My issue is…
Native Audio Plugin(except for Spatializer) can only be added into Audio Mixer Group, but it would be better if I can add this filter independently as a component or an object like ReverbZone object.
Is there any way to achieve that with native codes?

Additionally, ReverbZone seems it gets composite audio data which is not processed or not even streamed into Spatializer plugin… how is it possible? and can I make the same filter as it?

If I can’t… is there any way to enforce my native audio plugin when users is to use my spatializer plugin.

Best Regards,

Hi @jgom,

Regarding your Audio Mixer Group question: I think there is a way to achieve what you want here.

In the Native Audio Plugin SDK demos, if you take a look at the “speakerrouting” scene, you’ll see that although this still uses the Audio Mixer, it also allows for the data to be read and processed by an Audio Source via OnAudioFilterRead (see the “Speaker Routing” script from that example). As such, positional information can also be used to affect the final audio output, and such like.