Is there any way to make the default animation transition instant?

I’m making a 2D game and having to constantly set the transition times to 0 in the animator controller thing is really really annoying. Is there any way to set it to automatically do this?
so that when i create a new transition it automatically changes the transition time to 0. Or is the any way to set the default transition time?

I’ve been wondering the same forever. The default transition duration of 0.25 often feels very clunky and I’d love to be able to set a default for it. Sorry I didn’t answer your question but let’s get some activity on this thread so maybe someone who knows how to do this sees this?

A bit late to the party, but created a script that adds a context menu to the RuntimeAnimationController:

It currently sets:
Has Exit Time: 0
Fixed Duration: True
Transition Duration: 0
Transition Offset: 0

You can tweak these in the script.

Note that this will overwrite all transition parameters. So it’s less a default and more an enforced standard.