Is there any way to record voice in Unidy3D?

I need to record voice by using mic in Unidy during game.

Is it possible? I am looking for c# library, however I can't find it.

please give me advice to do it.

It's not possible with any Unity built-in stuff. You could however write your own plugin (basically a dll) and call it from your game code. A good place to start would be to use the FMOD library. (

To use c++ plugins you will need the Pro License. There is a C# wrapper for FMOD that you can use in Unity. ( I'm not sure if this still works in 2.6 since Unity's audio is now itself based on fmod, so there could be complications.

Not without a plugin or an external program that communicates with unity (through sockets/tcp/ip).

What about this? Unity - Scripting API: Microphone.Start

It’s been a long time but i remember recording and then playing back some sound, also doing some realtime sound analysis. And i used no plugin