Is there any way to rescale a terrain map?

hi all. I’ve made a terrain oject ptretty much how i’d like, but having shaped it a bit, i’ve decided it’s too big for my purposes, 300x300 metres.

I’m very particular about keeping a proper scale in this project, 1 unit == 1 metre.

I’d like to resize the terrain object to something smaller, like 100x100, and reduce the resolution appropriately (i don’t want any more or less detail:distance). Obviously this would result in the same heights being mapped to less resolution so it’d be less smooth, but that’s exactly what i want.

unity displays the rather ominous message that changing the resolution will clear the heightmap. Why ? haven’t UT ever heard of resampling images?

how can i change the size/resolution of it without losing my heightmap

export heightmap, delete old terrain, create new one and import old heightmap?

Okay it turns out i misinterpreted the UI. It seems changing the size of the terrain doesn’t wipe the heightmap, only changing the resolution does, which is mostly what i wanted.

Export yourheight map using “Export” button in Unity and save it using Windows/16 bits format.
Open the file in Photoshop using IBMPC/16bits option. Rescale it. Save it into a resized file (Use 257x257 for 256x256 etc…)
Load it again using Import in Unity (size should be detected automatically.