Is there any way to restore consumable in-app-purchases after uninstalling the app?

Hi, I’m developing a mobile game (iOS and Android) with in-app-purchases for cosumable and non-consumable items. I know that non-consumable items are easy to restore at any point, since you can ask google or apple if they’re purchased or not. But… is there any way to restore consumable items other than storing it in the server? (since the app doesn’t have a server).
Thank you for your time!

Ok, Ok, 3 years have gone. But considering this is a common question, I suggest taking a look in Unity Documentation - Restoring Transactions, where we find this:

"When a user reinstalls your application they should be granted any
Non-Consumable or Subscription
products they already own.
stores maintain a permanent record of
each user’s Non-Consumable and
Subscription products
which Unity
IAP can retrieve."

And this:

  • “On … Google Play and Universal
    Windows Applications … Unity IAP
    automatically restores any products
    the user owns during the first
    initialization following
  • “On Apple
    platforms users must enter their
    password to retrieve previous
    transactions so your application must
    provide users with a button letting
    them do so…”

I hope this information can be useful.

Only way to know how many consumables the player has and how many they have used is to store it on your own server where the user needs to log in to play the game. Other than that there is no way of restoring consumables when uninstalling the app and removing the saved data as neither the Apple, the device or you know how many consumables the player has used since buying them. It is recommended to inform the player of this when buying consumables.

I need “Consumable” product list for to restore.
We use database for all purchased products. And when player buy a consumable product (like 10 gold) we save this purchase transaction’s data to table in database.

For example; When user buy a “consumable” product client sent transaction data to server. But at the this point if the network close or phone close, and data does not sent to server user will not have gold.
Because of this we need restore for all consumable product.
How can I get purchased consumable list from Apple and Google Play ?
Google play just restore non-consumable product when reload the app. but I need purchased consumable product list.
I hope, I could explain what I need.

Thank you for your time!

@Waliactico The app stores already store permanent information about user purchases. So I don’t think you need to do further action because the purchased items will be automatically available.

Am here a few years late, but since this is probably a common question, I would say Unity Economy seems to be doing exactly that: