Is there any way to save/export a unity project with only the needed assets?

Hi all. My project is in its infancy, but it’s over 700 MB, mostly from various sample assets and add-ons, there’s very little content.

I’d like to keep those things for possible use later, but i’d also like to send the project files to a team member, and that’s a bit too much for my poor little connecction.

Is there any way to create an export of the project which only contains assets that are used? eg, that exist in the heirarchy of a scene somewhere.

Like @MrSoad said, Export Package.

You get get here aswell using Assets → Export Package.

This opens a window in which you can select what you want to include and what not.

Note that when you have anything selected in the project view when you open the window, only the things that are (or could be) needed by the thing you selected can be exported. Just like when you would ‘rightclick → Export Package’ in the Project Window (In case of scripts, Unity can’t know for sure whether a script is required or not because you can for instance add a Component using a string, so if one script shows up in the list, they all do :wink:

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yeah, select the scene and export it. the assests will go with it.