Is there any way to synchronize the frames in a game that uses pixel perfect?

I’m making a game that uses 8x8 pixel sprites. When moving the character, to make it pixel perfect, I move only 1 pixel per frame. This also occurs in other GameObjects in the game. Except that 1 pixel in each frame ends up getting very fast sometimes, so I created a frameskip that skips every 1 frame and moves in the other one so that it moves more slowly. But this ended up causing a sync error in the movement, as you can see in the gifs I sent. (In these gifs there is very little, the game is much more evident)
Is there an alternative means of moving the platform? Or a way to synchronize the frames?

As you mentioned you are moving your sprite 1pixel per frame but the thing is actual framerate is never consistent, so what you can do is put your movement code in Fixed Update instead of Update().