Is there any way to use daz character in Unity?

Hi all,
First of all don’t bother if you are going to tell “yes, you can export model from daz studio in .fbx format, animate it and import in Unity”. I already know everything about this. Thanks. I know you can animate limbs, torso etc. BUT WHAT ABOUT FACE?
Not that I am really going to use daz characters in my game, but it would be very helpful to use some of them on prototyping. Nowadays you can not just use some silly dummy with no facial animations in cut-scenes, if you want make a deal with big players (please, not a word about Arcania 4 :)). So it would be really helpful if some pipeline exist allowing importing and using morph animations along with bone ones.
Anybody has experimented with those possibilities? Any advice?

Try MegaDaz. It imports Daz3D characters and morphs.

Have you looked into Mixamo FacePlus?