Is there any websites which provide animation-ready 3D models ?

It's so hard to find graphics resources without having a personal artist. Can somebody tell me some sites which have free and animated models ? Please help me ! Thank you very much

Please Google around... Thanks.

i am sorry Justin but i would like to know why you would need to know how to model and animate to be a part of game development…for a very small but very accurate example… companies who make world famous games, is that company made by one person who knows everything? nope its built up by many people with different skills so not knowing how to do animations and model doesn’t mean that you would get a job for games design. for another example you might not be good at creating animations but you may be good with programming, which is my area that i concentrate on.

So Yuu its a very good question and if i find an answer i will post it, i have also been looking for the answer which is how i found this page, Yuu why not try to do what im currently doing? i focus on programming and level design and i let my friends do the models and animation.