Is there any working example of DictationRecognizer?

Im trying to use Unity’s DictationRecognizer but I can’t find any working example, and Unity’s site doesn’t provide the full code (The variables ENV and Cause doesn’t have a declaration).

Does anyone have a working example of either DictationRecognizer o GrammarRecognizer?

And does it work on Android and iOS or it’s only a Windows thing?


DictationRecognizer is implemented in UnityEngine.Windows.Speech. So, that answers your question on if it’s only a Windows thing or not. But, specifically, it is a Windows 10 thing.

Unity has provided a working example of Windows DictationRecognizer - as well as some other STT APIs - in their Unity Labs Speech-to-Text package on the Unity Asset Store here: Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making

The Readme is included in the package but you can also read it here (prior to downloading the package maybe… to see what you’re getting into): Bitbucket

There is also a good write-up on “Speech Recognition and VR” on the Unity Labs site here: Unity Labs | Unity

Have fun!