Is there anyway to have an advanced graphics option in my game?

I’ve just started making the menus for my game, and I want to have advanced graphics settings in my game, I don’t like the idea of having the pre-set graphics option you get by default, because I don’t know exactly what changed between the settings, I like to have texture and model quality full, but anything post-processing off, but with Unity, I don’t see any option to do this in-game, only in the editor.

I want to give the players the option to manually change texture settings, anti-aliasing, or toggle fog on/off.

The solutions I’ve seen are the option to change between the pre-set graphics setting in code, I don’t even see a way to display what exactly changed in the settings.

So is there anyway I can have an “advanced graphics” option where players can edit everything to their liking?

You know you can set the individual quality settings directly, right?