is there anyway to make a texture seamless at runtime through script

i am making an app to open device camera and click an image and use it as texture on different game objects.
but the problem is that its not coming properly because its not an seamless texture or we have to set tiling for all objects according to the click image at run time.
so any help would be appreciated thanks.

No, creating tileable textures even with simple structure like a brick-wall is quite difficult. You usually have to copy some parts of one end to the other end and use some image editor magic tools to blend over the seams of the image. Usually, when done in Photoshop or other image editors you would simply offset the image with wrap mode so you basically move the seems at the edges into the center of the image. This makes the new edges seemless. Now it’s your job to get rid of the seems in the center. This is a quite demanding process and very specific for the actual texture motive. This can’t be automated in simple way.

Just see some tutorials: