Is there anyway to remove the bevel on the GUI box?

I am creating a mini-map that can zoom in and out but I am having a problem with the size of the icons. As the GUI boxes get smaller, the bevel stays the same forcing the textures inside to change size disproportionately. Does anyone know how to fix this or create a custom box or something? Thanks.

You have to use a custom GUI skin. Create a new GUI skin and assign the right image to the Box style. You could just select the default box image for that. Then, you need to change the Border values. This will make the outer parts of the image be more or less influenced by the total element size. If you set the Border values to 0, the whole background image will be affected and thus the rounded corners will get smaller the smaller the total element is.

Anyway, once you have set the GUI skin up, make your script use it by declaring a GUISkin variable, assigning your custom skin to it, and putting “ = customSkin;”.