Is there anyway to use Unity to create a perpetual MMO with more than a few players?

While a small stand alone and then a small online game is fine for learning the ropes, I am curious if later it would be possible to use Unity to create a game of a more standard MMO type where thousands can play at once and around the clock?


You'd need a VNC, or a dedicated server made for this. Then you'd have to get a server software (I'd recommend SmartFoxServer), and check that out, they made the Unity Island example have networking, kind of neat.

But yeah, that's the bare basics, but you can go from there.

Thanks, separate server and server software, got it. Excellent.

What sort of changes would you need to make to your Unity World to provide for this, if any?

I mean if I build a game with login screens and data bases in unity, is it able to take more players? Can I just plop it into this server of mine and run it, Or would I need to redo it all over again in some other engine?

All of your spells, database connections, and everything else is handled on the server. The only thing stored on the client is the terrain static game objects like houses.

The server should use server side mesh collision. Basically yourclient (unity) will tell the server your trying to cast fireball at target. The server then should check if you have line of sight, you are allowed to cast the spell, and calculate damave ext... then if all goes well it sends the information back to the client.

Its really involved and isn't something easy to accomplish but with dedication and research you can do it.