is there GUI element like FlowLayoutPanel in visual studio?

Hi, im desperately looking for element like GUI.BeginArea but without rectangle atribute which will act like FlowLayoutPanel in Visual studio (can contain another components, can flow components and flowing in another panel) it seems like basic thing for somebody who want little more complex GUI but i cant see any. I would like to achive something like this:

[Panel A (width: 100, height: 400)]
      [Panel B1]   [Panel B2]   [Panel B3]
      {            {            {            ->>| 
        [Button]     [Button]     [Button]   ->>| automatic flowing to next line
        [Textur]     [Textur]     [Textur]   ->>|
      }            }            }

      [Panel B4]

So Panel A will be something like GUILayout.BeginScrollView for example and Panel B will be what i want - element which could contain another elements like positioned buttons or textures and flowing in Panel A like most of element in GUILayout.

I hope i described it understandable. Sorry for my english, its not my primary language :).

Use GUILayout
You will be nesting BeginVertical and BeginHorizontal statements to get there, but I’m pretty sure that will be the way to go.