Is there OnParticleCollisionExit()? If none how to make.

I made a weapon that throwing particles as bullet. If the particle(weapon) collide to the enemy obviously the enemy will decrease it health and a Hit_Enemy animation will play. My problem is I cant change the animation into Run_Enemy because I cant exit the particle collision.

Sample Code:

void OnParticleCollision() {

	//Debug.Log (currentHealth);
	enemy_animation.SetBool ("isHit", true);

	enemyCurrentHealth -= PlayerDamage;
	if (enemyCurrentHealth < 0)
		StartCoroutine (Died ());
	UpdateHealthBar (); 

}//on particle collision

I want to change the animation if the particle exit to the enemy collider. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

I know it’s pretty late, but if someone searching i want to help him.

Well as i search for it but didn’t find any. So i came with my own, i don’t know if its a great answer
but it work well.

public class ParticleBehaviour : MonoBehaviour {
public static bool PARTICLE_COLLISION = false;
private void LateUpdate() {
            PARTICLE_COLLISION = false;
private void OnParticleCollision(GameObject other) {
                        PARTICLE_COLLISION = true;

and now you can check it in a object script with which you want to make collision
do this is update()

private void Update() {
if (!ParticleBehaviour.PARTICLE_COLLISION) {
// now you can write your code for after collision ends

My game had slightly different requirements than knowing when in theory a particle or stream “exited”. For me, the situation is that a stream of repair particles hits something that needs repair, I needed to know when it stopped.
In a nutshell, I overwrite a timestamp of the last time a particle hit. Then in fixed update, I checked if it’s been longer than a threshold and if so, deem the particle collisions have stopped.

Hopefully this is useful to someone.

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class BreakableRepairableThingPiece : BRTChild
	// Have particles collided?
    public bool m_bParticlesCollided = false;
	// When did particles start colliding
    public float m_fRepairParticleStartCollisionTime;
	// How long do we go without particle collision before saying we are not?
    public float m_fRepairParticleNoCollideTime = 0.2f;
	// For future scalability, currently unused
    public int m_iLastLayerCollided;

	// we get hit with a particle
    void OnParticleCollision(GameObject _otherGO)
		// We only track last particle collided info for layer 16 (repair particles)
        if (_otherGO.layer == 16 )
			// Record / Overwrite the time we just got hit with a repair particle
            m_fRepairParticleStartCollisionTime = Time.time;
			// Set our particles colliding flag to true
            m_bParticlesCollided = true;
			// For future scalability, currently unused
            m_iLastLayerCollided = _otherGO.layer;


	// Every frame check if we have gone long enough without getting hit by repair particles
	// To deam ourself no longer under repair
    public void FixedUpdate()
		// If it's been long enough
        if (m_bParticlesCollided && Time.time - m_fRepairParticleStartCollisionTime >= m_fRepairParticleNoCollideTime)
			// Set our particles colliding flag to false
            m_bParticlesCollided = false;
			// Tell our parent that we are no longer getting repaired