Is there sample project for listed feature which is possible with Unity Sentis?

  1. Image Upscaling: Upscale a low-resolution image, model, texture, etc.
  2. Style Transfer: Translate the look or image effect of a scene to a new style
  3. Non-Playable Characters (NPCs): Automate the dialogue of characters
  4. Speech Recognition (NLP): Interpret live speech
  5. Body/Object Detection: Detect objects using the camera
  6. Depth estimation: Detect depth using the camera
  7. Image, Video, and 3D Model Classification: Detect on screen objects
  8. Handwriting Classication: Detect handwritten letters, symbols, or numbers
  9. Creating one-of-a-kind player experiences: Generate infinitely unique gameplay scenarios
  10. Animation: Apply automated pose rig to a rigid body
  11. Simulation helper: Approximate a complicated function with a neural network to drive gameplay logic

Where I can find sample project for this all feature.


Hi there, we don’t have samples for all these categories of use cases. We do have a series of mini samples directly in the package, as well as a project sample linked from the about page for style transfer.

We are working on some additional samples more focused on game play that will be coming in September, and I can post here when they are available, known as issue 88.

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